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The rates are listed on the book online tab above or use this link:  Each truck size comes with an allotted amount of hours for the rate.  The rates includes ALL fees for local moves for loading, hauling & unloading for the time allotted for each truck size.

To schedule, use the book online tab, select your area and the truck size needed for your move.  When you select the request to book tab, it will pull up a calendar, select your date.  Once the date is selected, after you press continue, a form will pull up getting basic information from you.  You will receive notice that your request was received in your email.  If you don't receive the notice, then your email is incorrect or it went to your spam folder.  Typically within 30 minutes, you will receive an email with the quote and other information.  Just reply back confirming and you are scheduled. No deposit will be required.  Payment for the minimum is due upon arrival by cash or card (3.89% fee).  


Flat rates are the EXACT cost of your move.  No time tracking is involved.  So regardless how long your move takes, you know the cost.  You may use flat rates with ANY size move.

To get the flat rate cost without time tracking, please complete our online flat rate quote form.  The form is detailed enough to get the EXACT cost.  Takes about 4 minutes by computer or 8 minutes by phone.  

Here is a direct link to the flat rate quote form:

Which is better.... a timed quote or a flat rate quote?  If you are positive that your move can be completed in the allotted time for the truck size selected, then a timed quote is better, if not, then you should get a flat rate quote.

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Use the book online tab above to check pricing and availability.  If the date is not available for an hourly rate move, there is usually availability for a flat rate move.  Hourly rate moves are usually restricted to the 1st move of the day for each crew so that you aren't getting a crew that may be fatigued from a previous move. 

To check availability for a flat rate move, visit our flat rate site and use the online chat feature (response time is under a minute) to check availability by giving the date and the street address of the move. 

Here is a link to the flat rate site:

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